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Crazy, crazy May

Well, no one can say my life is dull.

I'm super excited to be working on our showcase, and I think it's going to be GREAT! I'm ready and rearing to go to record our group monologue tomorrow, and I think the monologue from In and Out that we chose for my flash monologue is perfect for me.

I forgot I decided to go to Flipside this year. Do you know what that is? No? Maybe? Well, I'll tell you anyway, just in case. It's a weekend of what amounts to Austin's version of Burning Man. I'm a maker of Stuff and Crafts, so it's a little weird I've never been before, but there you have it. Flipside virgin. I'm a little nervous about it! The whole camping thing for a few days, haven't done that in a while. Plus lots of new people and a rather *ahem* crazy atmosphere. What do I take? What cosumes do I wear? How do I make sure not to be eaten alive by mosquitos and ticks? What variety of alcohol shall I bring? You know, the important stuff. And I think I will take along a few projects to work on while I'm there, considering I am building 2 lifesize replicas of Australian fish for a production this Summer.

I've also signed on to direct a show in the Fall, which means I get to start working on The playwright lives in town, so you know, no pressure. It's adapted from a popular classic novel, so it's not like anyone will know if I screw it up. Yes, these are the thoughts in my head. But I know in the end it will be FINE! Yes. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Oh, and this weekend I'll be in a script reading for a show being produced next year, Persephone. That should be fun.

All in all I would say my artistic cup is pretty full right now. But I really wouldn't have it any other way. I get most of my best work out when I'm doing 5 things at once. And you know, class really is such a joy to have every week. It keeps me in balance and reminds me why I'm doing this. Sometimes art can feel like a job, but not in class. :)

And now, a bonus pic of our theatre cat, Radius, looking at a picture of himself on my computer. Meta, I know.


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