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I’m currently writing this as we drive along a bumpy little road in the middle of nowhere, Texas, so forgive me if some of my words come out m1stak3s.

After being horribly sick for a week I headed down to Corpus Christi to see my grandmother for her 84th birthday. She’s also sick, with pneumonia, so most of my time with her I spent wearing a facemask. Which, for an old lady who’s not quite with it anymore, was equally amusing to her and also confusing. But I know she was glad to have me there.

I’m not sure what this has to do with art, except that it reminds me of how little time I get to spend with the ones I love because of how busy I am. I’ve moved all over the country pursuing this. (Although I always seem to end back up in Austin. Because, duh, it’s the best.) I’ve literally gone years without seeing my parents in person, months without seeing my husband at the time when I was on tour.

And my grandmother, living in Corpus like she does, also tends to get the short end of my time stick. Not much artistically happening down there except for community theatre. And I suppose some occasional filming.

Also, it amazes me to realize that she was born in 1931. How many changes she has seen! Technologically, economically, and environmentally. And in entertainment. It’s something I’ve never asked her about and I should. How did she pass the time in rural Texas when she was a girl? What kind of art does she like? I know she was a very good painter, I’ve seen some of her work. But I do wonder if she got the chance to see much theatre as a girl. And movies! She named my mother after a French movie star. How fun!

I love my grandmother, and I want to spend as much time with her as I can. We’re so lucky to have her!


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