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Last Night's Class

It was a real treat to sit and watch my classmates working on that scene last night.

I get so much from observing their work. And I’m so proud to be one of them! Everyone has their own strengths (and weaknesses) and it’s a good reminder for me to see myself and my own habits reflected in what they’re doing.

Stillness for me is the key. I have such a hard time not doing too much with my face. Especially in an audition. For some reason if I have enough rehearsal I can get myself out of ‘face mode’, but when I get in front of the camera for the first time with a new scene or side it’s like I go back to default. I don’t know why I think my face has to react so much to what another person is telling me. I don’t do that in real life! It’s like I have little face gremlins that take over when I am under pressure. Really, REALLY working on that.

And lowering my volume is also a struggle. I think I’m doing better with my diction (and the super crispness that seems to have been ingrained in me), but I still need to work on my volume. I’m just loud. I always have been. Doesn’t work so well when there’s a mic RIGHT THERE. Yes, must be more aware of that.

Can’t wait to get up there with Christia and work on this! J

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