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Super Happy Fun Times

So, I have to say, despite all the stress I felt receiving the many scripts for commrecials, I've had a real good time with them.

Maybe that's the secret. I forget sometimes that this is something I love. In my desire to be the 'best', to get the job and come out on top, I just end up stressing out and overworking it which just KILLS the audition. And not in a good way.

But these commercial sides were nice. I remembered to play. To talk to the camera like I was speaking to another human being (because, hey! that's exactly what I'm doing). I feel more relaxed and confident. And that goes a long way for me.

I really thought I would be most stressed about the interview style of audition. Those ended up being my favorite, so far. Yes, I'm playing a character (or at least keeping in mind the type of person they are looking for to represent their product) but I feel like I'm allowed to be more 'me'. It's nice.

Pythia Dust is also going really well. I am super tired from it, but it's the biggest feeling of accomplishment to finish the show every night and know I gave it my all and got through it. Some nights it has been a bit hard. I wouldn't say the choreography is especially difficult, but it's the sheer length of the show and the fact that we go all the way through without leaving the stage. Whew! Our cd finally came out this Friday, too. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I'm sure it's great. It certainly wsa a lot of fun to make.

It's also been an interesting week at work. We've got a bunch of grants due next week. It has certainly been enlightening working in theatrical administration for the past couple of years. From the actor's (and audience) viewpoint, shows look so effortless to mount. Now I know all the cogs that are moving behind the facade. It's a doozy.

All in all, I'm excited to get back into class and finish up these commercial sides so we can view them and get notes! <3

And here's this week's installment of pictures (from the show, of course). :)

Flames of the Morning Sun
Mermaid Hunters
Temple of euphoria

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