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Tech Week strikes again.

I must admit to being spoiled with Mauritius tech. A minimalist set, costumes that were basically my own clothes (well, not even basically, they were clothes that I owned or bought for the show), sound tech that was basically 'play this cd before, after, and in between acts. Easy peasy!

Pythia Dust has so many moving parts. A complicated set, with pieces that have to be multifunctional, and lights that are more rock and roll than traditional theatre, plus don't even get me started on the sound. Oh boy. Three live musicians, an electronic track that we're running off a new system, and three live singers.

It all adds up to late nights and crazy days. The artistic director has been out of town, so I've been trying to stay on top of all the things in her absence. Rentals, media, graphic's been a doozy.

All in all though, the show is really great and I can't wait to rock out with my girls! And our sound guy is awesome, he's sooooo good. He works with Patty Griffin and we're so lucky to have him. It's always a pleasure to have someone EQ'ing you so you don't have to blast out your voice.

Of course I've totally had to put everything else on hold. I'm really worried about class, or rather, my next private session since I'm missing for tech. I haven't had the time to really dig in and do the work on my sides. Gulp. Well, one thing at a time. There only so many hours in a day, and I have to sleep sometime. Maybe I can parse it out and work on one or two a day.

Well, here's to doing all the things! I already miss class, and can't wait to hit it again next week. Hopefully I'll see some people in this weekend for opening, we're having our reception Saturday night. Yay champagne!

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