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Just another Manic Monday

Pythis Dust photo shoot

This week was crazy. Epically so.

Pythia Dust rehearsals are going great. Photo shoot happened this past Wednesday and it went really well. We look like sexy Jetsons! (I couldn't resist throwing in an unedited shot, it's too cute) We also had our first run through this past Saturday which we all managed to get through without passing out. Win! I then had to rush to a studio to record vocals for the cd. Not as win. I was fairly exhausted even though I'd been taking it easy on my voice, and without any time between rehearsal and recording I could tell I was a little rough. I tried to plan smart and record all my ballads first so that perhaps my huskiness could just blend with all the hard core rockin' in the other songs...but we'll see. Thank God for pick ups! I gotta say, the thought 'let's just fix it in post' went through my head a few times. However I don't want to be that kind of lazy-ass actor.

Which makes me think a lot about the importance of rest and relaxation to art. Richard always stressed that we have to take time to fill ourselves up with other art and beauty, that way we have inspiration and artistic energy to use. I find that I tend to deplete myself pretty much all the time without much recharge. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and there is a certain kind of energy that comes with that, but I do miss lazy weekends and taking a long hike in the woods.

I find that when I get down to the bottom of the barrel like I've been doing, my concentration and drive definitely take a turn for the worst. So how do I recharge when I've got a full time job and then some?

I've never been good at breathing exercises, but I've been wanting to give that some more study and practise. Even just stepping away from my desk and sitting out in the sun for 10 minutes while slow breathing would be a bit of a recharge. I find that so much of my day (and night) takes place in a theatre, it would be good to get some vitamin D and fresh air. I could even run lines outside and do a little double duty! That's a good thought.

I also need to start saying 'no' more often. It hurts a little to think I might be missing out on some wonderful project, but I have to remind myself that it will make me more present and energized for the next thing I want to do as well as free up time for other types of artistic endeavors. There's at least two plays I've committed (and want) to write, music I want to work on, and I want to be auditioning for some film as well! It's hard to get motivated with that when my pate is overflowing with other things.

All in all, I feel blessed to be able to do the work I'm doing. But can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps. I've seen other actors burn out, and I don't want to be one of them. Time to start caring for myself so that doesn't happen.

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